Project Description

Restoration of Middlebury Town Hall Theatre included:

  • Brick and marble cleaning
  • Brick replacement
  • Restoration of historic chimney spires
  • Restoration of historic brick bell tower
  • Historically authentic brick and marble repointing

Project Collaborators: Bread Loaf, Middlebury, Vermont

About The Middlebury Town Hall Theatre: Theatrical history is highlighted by triumphant returns to the stage by legendary performers. It is less frequent, however, for the stage itself to make a triumphant return. The restoration and reopening of Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater is one of those rare, miraculous occasions.

Let’s go back 125 years to February 16, 1883. A special Town Meeting has been convened to discuss the burning issue of where to establish a new center for Middlebury’s social and cultural life. The site is Academy Hall, home of the Addison County Grammar School and Middlebury College at the beginning of the 19th century, and now home of the Middlebury Graded (Elementary) School (standing approximately on the current site of Twilight Hall).